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Entrepreneurial project management

Driving sustainable initiatives forward with precision and purpose. Bringing clarity to complexity, ensuring every project aligns with your impact-driven goals. With a keen focus on stakeholder management and a knack for fostering innovation, RULETHEFIELD empowers impact-driven companies to thrive and lead the way towards a brighter future.

Project Implementation and Execution

Seamless implementation of sustainable initiatives while continuously monitoring progress and adjusting strategies to maximize impact.

Innovative Solution Development

Fostering innovation within companies, guiding the development of groundbreaking solutions that drive positive environmental impact.

Process Optimalisation

Unlocking full potential to achieve sustainable growth by streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

Stakeholder Engagement

Building and maintaining positive relationships with (internal & external) stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and ensuring engagement throughout the project.


Boer Group

International textile recycling organization with companies for collecting, sorting and recycling post-consumer textiles.

  • Advancing Boer Group’s circular economy efforts with Innovative Solution Development, guiding the development of groundbreaking solution Umucu, a platform focused on the collection of discarded textiles in global reuse countries and process them into new products to truly close the loop in textile recycling. ​
  • Project Implementation and Execution for Boer Group’s sustainability strategy and reporting. Managing the CSRD readiness trajectory. 


The most sustainable (Christmas) gift for your company.

  • Project Implementation and Execution: manage and build the process for the of the newest additions to the ZustainaBox portal, being the choices for gift cards and donations, during Christmas ’22.
  • Stakeholder Engagement with the suppliers and the clients for a smooth process. 
  • Implementation of a structure for data collection for the donations.  

The Good Floor

Seamless terrazzo-look flooring based on bio-based components and recycled plastics collected from local rivers.

  • Project Execution: managing flooring projects. 
  • Process Optimalisation: implement a structured workflow by establishing templates for all work processes, boosting efficiency and streamlining project management. 

Consortium: From Pee to Tree

Demonstrate with a consortium of various chain partners that urine can be converted into a semi-finished product of sufficient quality to make fertilizers and water that can be used as irrigation water.

  • Project Management: monitoring progress of the impact-driven goals and Stakeholder Engagement between the 6 consortium partners. 

Online Video Producties

A video production company that creates socially engaged videos that are authentic to the public.

  • Project Execution: production of top-tier video productions, planning from A to Z and Stakeholder Engagement for ultimate facilitation of collaboration between clients and crew to get the best results. High demand with preparing up to 20 projects at the same time.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands