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Entrepreneurial project management

The entrepreneurial project manager is a key partner for business leaders to tackle pressing issues. With a structured planning  the team is coördinated to achieve goals that add business value. 

This is the person your team needs that understands the steps required to make dreams and new business opportunities a reality. 


actualising ideas

involve all stakeholders

manage planning, cost & scope

create products or services


tackle the challenge

improve business effectiveness

get competitive advantage

happy stakeholders




energetic & social

translate abstract ideas to concrete reality


Boer Group

International textile recycling organization with companies for collecting, sorting and recycling.

  • Setting up Umucu, a platform focused on the collection of discarded textiles in global reuse countries and process them into new products. ​
  • In charge of sustainability reporting, first for internal use to prepare the company for the CSRD. This traject started with a mission statement renewal and new communication strategy that I managed. 


The most sustainable (Christmas) gift for your company.

  • Coördinate all gift cards and donations to charities for Zustainabox for Christmas 2022. Contact with the suppliers and the clients for a smooth process.

Online Video Producties

A video production company that creates socially engaged videos that are authentic to the public.

  • Being a producer for numerous of video productions. From A to Z guide the clients and manage the crew to get to the best result, up to 20 project at the same time. 


Rotterdam, The Netherlands