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Rule the world

RULETHEFIELD empowers impact-driven companies to rule the world in their field of expertise. Not in a traditional way, but ruling the world redefined as: 

1. Shifting from domination to collaboration with others to create shared value and address global challenges together.

2. Prioritising impact and focusing on creating positive social, environmental and economic change alongside financial success.

3. Fostering innovation and sustainability, leading the charge in developing new technologies, business models and practices that benefit society and the environment.

4. Empowering others to succeed and fostering inclusive growth

5. Ultimately ruling the world means leaving a legacy of positive change. It’s about inspiring others to follow suit, creating a ripple effect that transforms the world for the better.


my name is Saskia Roeleveld and I believe we can create a future-proof world by tackling the biggest challenges using the power of business. With lots of passion I work on the paradigm shift to a sustainable society where impact-driven companies are the ones that rule.

With my entrepreneurial spirit and natural talent for planning and organisation, I understand the steps required to make dreams and new business opportunities a reality.

What excites me:

Achieving impact by turning the impossible into reality

Creating structure in chaos

Streamlining processes for greater efficiency

Making connections between the right people and organisations to catalyse collaboration



It is time for radical change. A paradigm shift to the sustainable society. On a mission to create this future-proof world where impact-driven companies lead the charge and drive innovation, sustainability and positive change. 

Together, we're redefining what it means to rule the world.


Envisioning a world where all businesses prioritise social and environmental impact alongside financial success; shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. 


Rotterdam, The Netherlands